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Statement by MENNEKES on the war in Ukraine

Christopher Mennekes, Chief Executive Officer of MENNEKES, on the war in Ukraine:

„The nonsensical war in Ukraine leaves us both concerned and speechless. The first effects on our company are already there: the business relations with our Russian joint venture will probably come to a standstill for the time being due to the sanctions. This is fatal news for our employees, with whom we had spoken on monday, and whom we want to support as much as possible. We are still assessing the confusing situation and looking for solutions together.

Once again, global economic upheavals are to be expected, after we had all longed for a normalisation after Corona. On the other hand, the unity of our democratic community of values shown in so many places gives us hope. We are all called upon to live this unity in our respective spheres of influence and to stand up for the foundations of our economic activity: peace and freedom.“